Buy Bitcoin and send to contacts in seconds


BitGate is mobile wallet for Digital Assets that allows users to buy, sell, secure and send digital currency to their contacts instantly.

The core feature of BitGate is offering users access to Digital Assets in the same way they access their familiar, traditional financial solutions. This is done by using electronic ID-solutions for fast, automated and secure on-boarding.

BitGate is developed by BitSpace, a Norwegian blockchain network and consultancy firm. BitGate is currently in closed-beta and is available for Norwegian and Swedish users with plans to expand throughout Europe.


The BitGate Digital Wallet was demonstrated at CryptoFinance 2018 in Oslo, Norway and presented by founder Manuel, CTO James David Tandy, and COO ivar. The presentation covers the mainstream adoption of Digital Assets, KYC/AML compliance and demonstrates the purchase of Bitcoin in seconds through the BitGate application.


Latest Updates


KYC made easy

The essential feature of BitGate is the trusted, top grade Norwegian ID verification system called BankID.

BankID completes KYC compliance on a national level, facilitating trustworthy and user-friendly onboarding of new customers to the crypto sphere.


AML covered

Chainalysis, a world class provider of anti-money-laundering tools covers BitGate's requirements for AML compliance.


Top-grade security

BankID also provides security for the wallet in combination with world leading wallet provider BitGo.


Buy with Safello

Purchase Bitcoin to send to your contacts through our simple integrated API from Safello, one of Sweden's leading financial service providers.