BitGate is currently undergoing Closed-Beta Testing.


BitGate is mobile application for Digital Asset storage and payments tailored for the mainstream audience. BitGate is being developed by BitSpace, a blockchain innovation network and consultancy firm, positioned as a Scandinavian market leader.

The core feature of BitGate is being able to access Digital Assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in the same fashion a user accesses their familiar, traditional financial solutions. This is done by utilizing local, standardized ID solutions, allowing for fast, automated and ultra-secure on-boarding procedures.


KYC made easy

The essential feature of BitGate is the trusted, top grade Norwegian ID verification system called BankID.

BankID completes KYC compliance on a national level, facilitating trustworthy and user-friendly onboarding of new customers to the crypto sphere.


AML covered

Chainalysis, a world class provider of anti-money-laundering tools covers BitGate's requirements for AML compliance.


Top-grade security

BankID also provides security for the wallet in combination with world leading wallet provider BitGo.